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                 About the Mgo and this website

Imagination is an Illusion, defenders of truth

         Welcome fellow traveller to my story and the story of this site

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Modern Gnostic order is a name for the face book page which i have run for 5 years

The story

The Modern Gnostic Order is the name of the Facebook page, previously called the Modern Gnostic Order of the rose cross. I created this page to explain the mysteries of Gnosis from a scientifc non dualistic approach and also intrinsic fields (Kundalini or Sophia Shakti) viewpoint. Previously I had 2 other websites with over a million visitors. Currently the group its called the Gnostic archives and can be found on facebook. 

In 2017 while studying pure Brahman Jhana under a Jhani from India , I studyed Greek metaphyics at home. One afternoon while walking from home from work, I suddenly understood the whole tradtion and mechanics of Gnosis, ancient that is. As Manly P Hall says , when you find the key the temple doors open. Since then I have been teaching Modern Gnosis via social media to the masses. 

All my posts are authentic Knowledge , not based on someone else's teachings but what I have discovered and realized.

Welcome to


Meet The Founder

David Cowan
Founder and Illuminus of Modern Gnostic Order (fb page) and Site Director

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