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Kundalini science part 2. Secret teachings of the order to cause a kundalini awakening and activation.The E sound

Kundalini science part 2.

☆ Secret teachings of the order to cause a kundalini awakening and activation.

The E sound

What is kriya yoga? These are movements and sounds observed by experienced holy men. These actions were recorded in the past, written down or passed on to the senior in-line student. The various activities of the kriyas (purification actions) were internal spiritual cleansing. It was thought they caused rapid development for the yogi. The various different actions actually number in thousands. I am focusing on 3 in total because these 3 can help someone on their journey. This particular action is the “E” sound. Basically, you just chant “E” during mediation or before. Its a short mantra or sacred sound. What does it do you ask? It purifies your inner light body and helps to remove blockages. Surely someone has mentioned it before right? Well, let’s look at the secret mantra of the Cathars, AEIOU. Do you see the “E” there? Yes the “E” sound is not just a yogic kriya, its also a Gnostic mantra. Will it help me in my practice? Yes, it will help you reach into the inner core of the chakra system and help purify the inner spirit. Is there anything else I can do to enhance my practice? Yes you can take a shower before your spiritual practice. This also ties into purification (kriya) actions. Do I say “loud” or quietly? Just say it but no not internally in your head. Its not the thought but the sound that is important. After some time, you will hear sounds within sounds and then voices (psychic hearing). This is how celestial telepathy starts. It's a lucid hearing, hearing the dream voices.


Everybody has a light body but it isn’t working well. The kriyas aim to clear the blocks and allow a full-functioning light body. Also when the blockages are removed the person attains salvation (samadhi) or serenity. Also, the siddhis start happening (miracles). Ok, thats the theory.


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