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Kundalini energy is an astral power or force according to the legends, left over from the big bang.


Kundalini energy is an astral power or force according to the legends, left over from the big bang. We cant see it but we can feel in our body as a sensation and as vision. It is a misconception to see kundalini as a yoga energy, switch on / switch off. In the west alot of problems arise from not correctly approaching this immense force. Kundalini energy is a Goddess energy, divine energy. In fact it is correct to say it is a science of the cosmic gods. That’s how they got there. Most of the time our energy is pointing downward and our sense too. It is correct to say our light bodies aren’t working they way they should be and in the west we say it causes bad health. In the west we teach kundalini is a powerful healing force. Of course I always say the direct truth, its not for healing. The west has many schools of healing that teach kundalini. I leave it up to the reader to decide. The actual truth is our light bodies are blocked with our past life experiences. Therefore the aim is remove the blockages to attain salvation. The Goddess of Kundalini wants the best for you but you need to be modelled into the correct shape. Kundalini knows your weakness and strength. Kundalini is an intelligent / transcendent power. Some people say it is wrong to force a change in someone. Dont forget this power knows what you are trying to do. Right now there are 3 knots that protect you from any real danger. So go ahead and try these.

The three techniques

☆ swaying movement

This is a simple exercise to do. When you are sitting down for meditation, do a little side to side sway. Why you say , well this is exactly how kundalini will activate. It starts of with small sways. The kundalini recognises this movement and will after some time get the message to awaken. Please remember to do a little prayer to the goddess before doing this exercise. Always approach the Goddess with respect and humility. The goddess isn’t always sweet and nice. She does have a darker form. Having said that , she wants what is best for you. We mortals don’t really understand the ways of the divine. The Goddess will push and pull you.

To be continued

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